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We’re a full-stack digital marketing studio based in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, but it all started in South Florida. Our origin story extends beyond our founder to include a lineage of influence that has helped mold a well rounded work ethic in both marketing and creative design.

Our passion is truly generational. KAFURE is not only our agency name, but also the last name belonging to a legacy of creators. Alex Kafure has been working in Digital Marketing since 2005. His love of technology began in the early ’90s when he was only six years old sitting alongside his father Jaime, a pioneer and innovator in computer programming. His mother Luisiana ran a graphic arts business back then and is a successful artist and jewelry designer today. 

KAFURE’s Creative Director, Andrea Kafure, has overseen some of the beauty & fashion industry’s most iconic campaigns, and her younger sister Erika Kafure produces eye-catching artwork in the heart of New York City. When talking about the Kafure family’s creative background, you could say “it runs in the family” to say the least.

what makes us different

the codes we live by

creativity & Innovation

While creativity comes from within, it becomes even more powerful through the use of innovative technologies. By combining a passion for design with a growing list of mediums we continue to expose ourselves to new possibilities. 

integrity & trust

Our family-first upbringing has become the cornerstone to our customer-first work ethic. Our core values include integrity and trust before all. We pride ourselves in being a full-transparency agency by working with clients as a team.

brand-first Approach

Your Brand’s reputation is incredibly important and should be the primary focus of any marketing agency you work with. We recognize the value in preserving a brand’s integrity with its customers and work tirelessly to protect it.

love digital

Although we are no strangers to sketching a concept on paper napkins while the idea is hot, we are big fans of using the latest in digital technologies to achieve the best outcome. From logos to reporting, we lean on the most modern and collaborative softwares available.

going the extra mile

Making it to the finish line is expected, but how you get there is what makes the race most memorable. We are bound to make mistakes, but making sure we don’t quit until we get it right is what makes us grow. We pride ourselves in giving it all we’ve got.


We are experts in the field of digital marketing, but we’re nothing without the help of you, the expert in your line of work. Through collaboration, we can break through milestones that would otherwise be impossible for someone with only one area of expertise. There is no I in teamwork.

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The KAFURE Family

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Founder & CEO

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Creative Director

Cristina Gonzalez

Head Of Operations

Alex barnea

Director Of Paid Advertising

Joao Paulo Arthuzo

Director Of Demand Generation


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