Title X

Title X

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2022 – Present

One of the founders, Jairo, a former real estate agent and investor, had become frustrated with the title processing system used by most title companies. He found it impossible to reach the “point of contact” during the closing process, which caused disruptions and delays, leaving both him and his clients extremely frustrated. Recognizing the need for a better solution, Jairo decided to collaborate with his daughter, a real estate attorney, to establish Title X. Upon the launch of Title X, they quickly identified numerous inefficiencies within the title process and set out to promote reliable and predictable title services while prioritizing exceptional customer service.

Title X is dedicated to its mission of establishing a dependable, streamlined, and mobile title closing service tailored for real estate agents, investors, lenders, and homebuyers. The founders realized that the title industry often becomes complex, relying heavily on multiple third-party entities, physical paperwork, and unnecessary in-person meetings in today’s digitized world. Their aim is to revolutionize the title industry, one closing at a time, by introducing innovative practices and embracing the possibilities afforded by technology.

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