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My name is Sven Gade and I have been a leader in the corporate world of logistics for more than 25 years, mainly at DHL. I have experience leading small sales teams and big operational entities. I have driven organizational change and guided diverse teams spread across the globe. I lived through many triumphs and some tragedies. These experiences taught me great lessons such as how to inspire, how to connect and how to empower people; and consequently, how to deliver results. Looking back, I felt to be at my best when I could bring together people and make with them extraordinary things happen, in the complexity of the corporate world as well as the dynamic environment of start-ups. Following my passion, I started my coaching firm to positively influence the development of other leaders and their teams.

I bring realistic optimism, persistence, and empathy to every coaching engagement. I guide my clients to new insights on how to think, feel, and act differently and to unlock their potential. It is exciting to see them developing the mindset and the behaviors that let them successfully achieve their most ambitious goals, as an executive or as a team.

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