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Originally from the robust and dynamic city of Caracas, Venezuela, Cristina Gonzalez first discovered her connection with the environment in the Amazonian town of Pauji, located in her vibrantly biodiverse home country. Her adventures living and traveling across nations whose communities and ecosystems have been affected by factors such as coral bleaching, plastic, air, and water pollution allowed her to first-handedly see the negative effects of human’s unconscious behavior towards the environment.

These experiences shifted her perception of the world & over the past few years she has placed a conscious lens on her daily interactions with the world. Cristina’s active lifestyle keeps her outdoors as she does long distance biking (cross country in 2016), scuba diving, and running. She actively works to promote sustainable living via her Instagram blog, @cristybliss, where you can find her iconic hashtag, #betheactiveyou, be inspirationally exemplified.

Pauji was born out of the necessity to take responsibility of the impact we have on the planet by cutting out single-use plastics. Cristina’s passion for the conservation of our precious environment can be seen through her consistency and dedication in educating communities on the positive impact our actions can have by placing this eco-friendly lens on. Cristina invites all those who choose to join her on this journey towards a sustainable world.

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